The Arrow and the Sun is a YA fantasy novel, set in the fictional country of Erebenn. It is a story of an ordinary girl, coming of age in extraordinary circumstances. A compelling, mesmerising adventure that will stay with the reader long after they have turned the final page.

From the age of  four, Ana is raised in isolation, secluded from the world in her desert home. Her only companions are her guardian, a gigantic, mysterious man, known to her only as Jinn, and her nurse, Oruc. She knows nothing about who she is. Not her identity, not the location of her desert home, not even what her own face looks like, since mirrors are strictly forbidden. Even her companion’s faces are hidden behind thick masks. Ana can’t understand the need for such secrecy, until she accidentally overhears that she is being sought by a mysterious enemy she dubs “the hunter”.

In spite of this threat, Ana grows to adulthood in safety, troubled only by the strange recurring dreams of a tortured boy, suffering alone in a dungeon cell.

But as Ana reaches her 18th Birthday, the illusion of safety is stripped away. She is forced into a battle of wits against her enemies, and to take her place in a war that began when she was still in her cradle.

If she is to survive this battle Ana must discover her own strength and find the courage to believe in herself. She must learn who to trust, and how to fight. She must become a leader.

Can Ana find a way to overcome a lifetime of fear and seclusion to become the person she was always meant to be? Or will the forces  that have been seeking to destroy her all her  life finally get their wish?